Robert and Evelyn Black as they depart for their honeymoon

Robert and Evelyn Black as they depart for their honeymoon



In the summer of 1964, Robert and Evelyn Black moved into a home that would soon become a family and community hub in a beautiful riverfront Calgary neighbourhood. This was 206 Roxboro Road.

For our founder, Evelyn, her grandparents were a guiding force in her life; a source of encouragement, love, laughter, and impeccable table manners. They were the epitome of class.  They were kind, giving, and wise…the stuff grandparents are meant to be.  In addition to all that wholesome goodness, they also knew how to throw a damn fine party at the home that was always referred to as simply, "206".   Both were known for their hospitality and good cheer, and the fact that Bob would change into his slippers and robe when he'd had quite enough scotch for the evening.  The pair left our family, and the Calgary community, with a legacy of love and laughter and good times.

When we began the process of choosing a name that suited our vision for the company, we were drawn by something that paid homage to Calgary history and something that was close to our hearts.  The vibrancy of the home and the many stories that go along with it seemed like a natural fit.  Our style is personal, timeless, stylish, and full of love.

And thus, the legacy of 206 lives on.